Waste Disposal

Treat your organic waste on-site.


Grow healthy plants.

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Clean Energy

Generate natural gas.

"Let's transform waste in a natural way!"

save money (2)
Saves Money

Saves money on gas and fertilizer.

Climate Action

Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Life on Land

Endorses the use of clean renewable energy.

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Gas for stove coooking

A minimum of 3 hours cooking gas daily

High quality fertilizer

A fertilizer packed with 8 macro & micro-nutrients

Reduces pollution

Reduces 18 tons of GHG emissions yearly.


How it works

Bacteria break down organic waste in a naturally occurring process, and the BIOwayste system stores and harnesses the energy created so that you can use it!

As you prepare your meal, collect your food scraps in a bin and feed them into the system inlet.

Bacteria digest the food scraps and generate biogas in a natural process.

Then, the biogas floats into the gas bag where it is safely stored. 

As soon as you turn on your stove, you can cook with the biogas! Just like regular gas but it is renewable energy.

In addition to the biogas, BIOwayste system also produces liquid biofertilizer to nourish your garden.

Meet BIOwayste Team

Reine Metlej
Civil & Environmental Engineer
Yasmine Jabali
Chemist & Environmental Scientist